Anki is a freely available (open source) digital flashcard programme that can be downloaded for various platforms here:

Your desktop and mobile Anki apps can be synchronised very easily via a free Anki account:

The XG2Anki method developed by Rainer Birkle allows the fully automated creation of Anki decks from XG match and position files.

You can order several free decks via this website. In addition, many particularly valuable decks, such as theme decks from Dirk Schiemann's position database, are offered for sale. In addition, you can purchase anki card packages with an attractive discount scale, which you can then use to create anki cards from your XG match and position files.

Video Tutorial

Special Decks/ 15€ each
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Free Decks
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Michy's Quiz Cyprus 2022

Michihito Kageyama was kind enough to allow me to share with you the Anki deck I created from the eight difficult problems of his quiz at the 9th Merit Open in Cyprus 2022.

Dirk's Bar Split

This is an example of several theme decks that have been created from Dirk Schiemann's personal position database and are available for purchase. It contains 25 checker play problems where one of the options is splitting to opponent's bar point. Each card contains a link to a short video explanation by Dirk Schiemann.

Rainer's Blunders & Opening Errors

This is Rainer's personal working deck. Rainer creates an Anki card for each of his

- cube blunders (200+ millipoints)

- checker play blunders (100+ millipoints)

- and all of his opening mistakes (50+ millipoints)

in order to learn from his mistakes.

Backgammon Match Theory

This deck contains a card for each gammon value and take point in a 7-point match. For all those who, like Rainer, think that gammon values and take points are very important during a match, but don't want to calculate anything at the board, this is the optimal tool to memorize this important data.

Neil's Numbers

You need a backup plan for the match scores for which you have not (yet) memorised the gammon values and take points. With Neil's Numbers you can derive the match winning chances for any match score and then calculate important metrics like gammon value and take point.

UBC Final 2022

This Anki deck was created from the 12 UBC finals match files that Marc Brockmann Olsen was kind enough to share with the backgammon community via the Backgammon Galaxy Discord server. The deck contains all the blunders made by Sander Lylloff and Masayuki Mochizuki in the 12 matches of the UBC final 2022. Quiz yourself with this Anki deck and find out on which of the 40 problems you would have done better than the champions.


Dirk Schiemann’s Decks and Video Tutorials for Sale
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Dirk Schiemann has created various theme decks from his personal position database. One example is the Bar Split Deck, which you can get and test for free (see above). Each deck contains 25 cards on a specific theme and costs 9 euros. The accompanying video tutorial can be purchased optionally for 20 euros. Take a look at the free Bar Split Deck to see the video links in action.

Important: The tutorial video is explicitly unlocked for your YouTube account. For this, we need your email address with which you are registered at YouTube.

Don’t forget to visit Dirk’s Homepage:

Anki decks / 9€ each              Video tutorials / 20€ each

Individual Decks

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Basic Card = 1 Credit / De Luxe Card = 2 Credits

You can use Rainer’s service to get an Anki deck from your XG match and/or position files!

  • three different threshold (milli point limits) for Cube, Checker & Opening
  • takeover of comments (without formatting)
  • automatic switch to D/T results when doubling is correct (or always DT)

Each cards contains:

  • position diagram
  • match score (absolute and/or relative)
  • pipcount (optional pipcount trainer feature)
  • multiple choice list & answer
  • If checker play: XG results for the best seven moves (plus the original move if it's not already in the top seven)
  • if cube action: XG results for the cube action
  • XGID
  • original action
  • XG2Anki Info (XG2Anki Version, card creation date & XG file name)
  • Tags for easy filtering: Error Size, Action Type, Match Score, Roll, Position Type & Player’s Name

De Luxe Features

  • money game result (neutral match score) for cube decisions
  • dice distribution information for cube decisions
  • adding money game, DMP, Gammon-Save & Gammon-Go results for checker play decisions

Configuration Options / Special Features

You can influence the way this deck works via the following parameters, which you can specify in square brackets at the end of the deck name (by renaming your deck):

a = display the match score as absolute instead of relative

b = display the match score as absolute AND relative (instead of just relative)

c = hide the extra data for checker play decisions (Money Game, Double Match Point, Gammon-Save & Gammon-Go)

d = always show dice distribution information for cube decisions (instead of via button)

e = always show comparable situation(s) (instead of via button)

g = don't repeat original position in section with comparable position(s)

l = always large XG result graphics (instead of via clicking/tapping on the graphics)

m = show money game info

n = show names of the players below the position diagram

p = turn on the pipcount trainer

q = hide the multiple choice list

r = show roll in title

s = scroll down to results automatically when showing the answer

t = hide title

u = use player names instead of Black & White

v = autoplay video

znn = zoom position diagram (e.g. "z50" = shrink position diagram to 50% of the screen width)

You can set several parameters by separating them with a semicolon.


My Deck Name [p]

My Deck Name [p;c]